There are 4 steps to closing a customer. I do the first 3 for you.

I use AI to find your likely customers. Talk to them. And tell you what tomorrow's customers really want to buy.

  • Hi, I'm the other JZ

My ideal client:

Finance or marketing

  • Serial entprepreneur

  • Scale up executive

Launching a new product

  • Launching a proof of concept

  • Automating

  • Scaling up

Needs expertise in

  • User strategy to focus marketing, sales, & product development.

  • AI acceleration to answer that pesky question "Will AI hurt or help my business?".

  • Authentic selling by podcasting prospects only.

Are you a?:

& executive

Problems include

No time to scale up

Founder-led sales


Media trusted

Mastermind retreats

Title for image
Title for image
& tech

Problems include

Innovation is slow and risky

Data lacking in prioritization


Media trusted



Title for image
Title for image
& sales

Problems include

Qualifying leads

Video shorts


Media trusted



profile pic_jz_andrea_Screen_Shot_2024_04_03_at_2_20_36_PM_copy
profile pic_jz_andrea_Screen_Shot_2024_04_03_at_2_20_36_PM_copy

Please call me jz like the rapper ;)

Solve strategy problems

👩‍💼 Worn out by being everything to everyone?

Strategic Customer Interviews:

My superpower lies in persona segmentation (ideal customer profiles) to laser-focus your product-market fit. To deeply understand what your users pay for, I interview prospects publicly with podcasts, and customers privately with AI video.

🤖 Getting that pesky question "what are you doing with AI?

AI Accelerator:

We’ll decide if integrating AI is the right move for your customers. Then build a Custom ChatGPT, AI designs, that they want to buy.

👓 Get started today with 30 minutes free. Book a call at

User research is my superpower. My AI skills include:


📽 User research, recruiting

📽 ICP persona segmentation

📽 AI marketing

📽 A/B testing, demand testing

📽 Competitive analysis

📽 Podcasting, publicity

Product Management


👩‍💼 AI accelerator

👩‍💼 Design thinking brainstorms

👩‍💼 User research, system blueprint

👩‍💼 Persona definition, jobs to be done

👩‍💼 Wireframes, usability testing

👩‍💼 MVP Gherkin requirements, roadmap prioritization

👩‍💼 Stakeholder alignment


🤖 Custom ChatGPT's

🤖 Automate workflows

🤖 AI
🤖 No-code web apps, responsive
🤖 NLP, GAN, MAB, MTA, MMM models
🤖 Vendor recommendations, sandbox testing

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Let's talk customers

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