Be yourself, sell more

Grow your business without selling. Just be yourself.

This podcast class teaches you how

This is the new approach

For entrepreneurs, funds

Book calls through a podcast

Only feature potential clients as guests

Replace other sales and marketing time commitments
Launch in 1 week, no experience required, with easy AI to speed you up

Publish your podcast in 1 week

If you are an entrepreneur or venture capitalist who just needs shortcuts to monetize sooner

The GiveTake AI podcast accelerator is for:

  1. people who ask questions (who don't have all the answers)

  2. innovators (who don't want to do what everyone else is doing)

  3. who have a couple of hours next week (replacing what they usually do for marketing and sales).

No need to know it all
Just desire to have conversations

Hate getting ghosted?

Give the gift of fame

Get a 50% meeting take rate

Your prospects will engage sharing their goals hopes and aspirations, when they guest speak on your podcast

GiveTake accelerates sales by giving before you take

No experience required
Just curiosity

Screen Shot_2024_02_19_at_8_25_19_PM
Screen Shot_2024_02_19_at_8_25_19_PM
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Give away the gift of fame for free

Everyone needs more sales and some sparkle

Your clients, leads, anyone who ghosted you, will want to speak about how they have helped their clients

Invite them to speak on your free podcast

To answer the 1 question you ask all guests

No experience required
Just authentic praise for your dream client

Take 5 minutes to pitch your services

You've qualified that you and your guest share the same problem
They will want to know what you want, and how to help you

After they speak on your podcast, take 5 minutes to sell your skills

Be sure to ask them for only 1 thing, like schedule a demo right then and there

No pitching expereince required
Just talk about your favorite skill

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Give fame. Take sales.

Stop getting ghosted & cold calling

Replace sales & marketing

Have fun making authentic connections & be a thought leader

Join the GiveTake AI Podcast Accelerator

No need to have all the answers
Just questions, and who does not have questions?

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profile pic_jz_andrea_Screen_Shot_2024_04_03_at_2_20_36_PM_copy
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